the way we think creates

Our Reality.


Imagine talking to Leonardo DaVinci. The depth of his knowledge and insight was unparalleled in in his time.  Yet, for as smart as he was he couldn't tell you anything about augmented reality or the market opportunities it creates.  These are the types of questions we face everyday. The accelerating pace of technology and innovation means we are consistently facing situations with staggering implications.  Building a business in this environment is exhilarating and filled with uncertainty.

To be successful we need new internal ways to assess challenges and gauge opportunities. That's where we come in. We teach you to navigate an uncertain business world. As a startup everything you do builds on a imaginary assumptions. Learning how to live on the top of a Jenga tower is a skill that doesn't come easy. it requires unconventional associations, creative connections, and foresight and the ability separate causation and correlation.


Dave Barcos
Executive Director, Mentor

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